I can’t choose the currency when adding a transaction

Transactions use the default currency, you can set it in settings, tap the cob icon in the Portfolio screen and choose you default currency.

How is the portfolio chart and value calculated?

It’s the value of your assets at any given time.
If you own 1 bitcoin, it will show the value of it over a specified period of time, starting from the day before the date specified when entering the transaction.

The portfolio chart doesn’t match the value above

There could be some small differences between the graph and the numeric value above it. This is because the total value is calculated every minute with the latest currency valuation, while the chart uses the closing price up to the previous day.

How many ticker and transactions can I add?

Int64: more than you can imagine.

What’s iCloud Sync?

If enabled, it synchronize your tickers and transactions among your iOS devices.

Is it safe? Can others see my transaction?

It’s very safe and nobody except you can see your transactions in iCloud.
Safety and privacy are guaranteed by Apple, nobody not even the developers can access your private database, ever.

My question is not here

Head to the settings inside Bitfolio and tap the “Feedback” button, you will be able to send us an email.